Sunday, 10 March 2013

Issue #27: Mouldy secret sauce kills the Boy Wonder.

This burger is not so fresh.  Some filling is hot off the grill and the bread is today's, but there's a few ingredients that have sat out in the sun for over a month.  After my last comics haul I wrote the first two reviews below, but didn't publish because I like to have a minimum of three.  Then I didn't buy anything for a while.  Now I'm up to date again I've written a third, and here we are.  I generally find my small group of readers don't mind if this blog's content is fresh or not, but I still like to try my best.  Also, there's a couple of DC crossovers I've been reading that I'd really like to hold out on until I've read their conclusions.

But I'm back, and procrastinating less.  If something doesn't taste good you can always spit it out.

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^^^^ A special mention to Secret Avengers #34 for this awesome bit.

Indesructible Hulk #1   I don’t really understand what Marvel Now! is, or what it wants to be, other than a corporate response to a rival’s successes.  Rather than a continuity reset it just seems to be more issues starting at number one (over a spread out and sporadic release, I might add) and a pointless new logo on every book.  Indestructible Hulk is the first of these I’ve read, and while it’s not horrible, there’s little here to excite me or intrigue me about one of my favourite characters.  I could provide a plot summary, but look, it’s Hulk offering to join SHIELD.  That’s about it.  I like Hulk as the fringe character, the out of control weapon on the cliffedge of sanity who could just as easily save the world as destroy it.  World War Hulk, that’s the shit!  As much as I enjoy the Avengers movie, given it’s massive success it seems that’s the universe lore that is now integrating into the comics.  Well, I don’t much care for it, and while this may serve as a fine jumping on point for those that have seen the movies and want to try comics out, I’ve decided to drop the Hulk, at least until he gets back to being truly larger than life again.  Or Silvestri comes back to pencil.

Daredevil #21   Until now I haven’t openly admitted that my interest in what DC is putting out has come at the expense of my interest in Marvel’s stuff, and that my general investment in the Marvel universe has waned considerably.  The exception to this though is Mark Waid’s Daredevil run, which I read eagerly and have found to be consistently impressive.  It’s been a while since I’ve given it it’s due here though, and as issue 21 seems to put a cap on much of the arc, now is probably a good time to give Daredevil a shout out.  I really don’t want to spoil it for anyone though, short of this:  there’s plenty of comic book sci-fi weird shit in the first half of this book to tick more than enough Comic Burger boxes, and Matt Murdock’s “insanity”, explained in the previous issue, is explained to Foggy, but there’s no water-under-the-bridge solution for the two lawyers, providing future issues with the ongoing subplot.  If you’re curious about Daredevil I insist you grab the trades from the start of Waid’s run and catch up.  It’s damn good stuff, and the fact that a seemingly unimportant event in the first issue is relevant twenty issues later is a master stroke.  Love it. 

Batman Incorporated #8   If you don’t know Damian Wayne is dead by now, you probably couldn’t care less in the first place.  Grant Morrison kills off the son of Bruce Wayne and my favourite Robin pretty violently in this issue, an action he originally intended to take quite early on in the fictional life of the character it turns out, but Damian’s popularity with readers has seen him hang around until just now.  I’ve considered Morrison’s Batman Incorporated to be somewhat an oddity in the Bat universe, albeit an interesting and fun one, and it is nice to see an event in it’s pages that will heavily impact the 52 given the story has seemed almost separate from the other Bat books.    All in all, I like how this was handled, and let’s face it, it’s nothing the old lazarus pit wouldn’t fix, eh?  If you’re looking to jump on just to see this all go down I recommend picking up issue #7 too and going from there, it’ll give you a little more grounding without having to splash out on the whole arc.

Thanks again kids.

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