Monday, 18 June 2012

Issue #20: Spidey vs Al Gore!

Just two reviews this burger, though one of them encompasses five comics.  I’ve been reading more, but I figure ranting about Avengers Vs X-Men issue-by-issue might not be fun to write about, or read, so I’ll just cap the story on it’s last issue.  It has improved though, in story (I don’t feel like such an outsider to the X-Men now) and the artwork (though I do maintain Romita’s Iron Man looks fuggin shiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt).  I also was looking forward to reviewing the AvX arc of Secret Avengers but I accidentally bought #24 and #26, leaving #25 at the shop!  I did this for Incredible Hulk too.  Fool.

Back in January I predicted Amazing Spider-Man would get a lot better around the time the movie was due for release.  Not a bad call if I do say so myself.  Looking forward to the film too.

Amazing Spider-Man #682 - #686 Ends Of The Earth

I had let my Spidey books gather at my comic shop, picking away at the vast mountain of titles that had amassed beneath the counter in my absence with my limited budget, and favouring mostly DC stuff, so I was surprised when I did get to Spidey it seemed I had five issues of a six part event called Ends Of The Earth, and knowing nothing in advance I stepped in with slight suspicion, ready to smash the lot in one night.
Who would have thought I’d be this pleasantly surprised?  This book hits all the required Spider-Man beats nicely, and may just be the best Spidey story I’ve read in recent memory.  Let’s see, we have:

The entire world in horrible danger.
The Sinister Six, this time featuring Doctor Octopus, Chameleon, Rhino, Sandman, Mysterio, and (my favourite Spidey villain since I was seven years old) Electro.
Cameo appearances from Silver Sable, Black Widow and The Avengers that aren’t illogical and fit the story.
YET ANOTHER new costume for Spider-Man.
Plenty of quips, though not all from Spidey this time, and one or two that give the fourth wall a little nudge.

Yep, for a Spidey fan like me there’s a lot to enjoy in Ends Of The Earth.  The Sinister Six, led by Doc Ock, plot away in a base hidden deep underwater.  The good doctor, himself at death’s door due to illness, unleashes a device called the Octavian Lens and uses it to amplify the sun’s rays on the surface of the earth, warning the world that this is the fate everyone is headed for.  He then turns it off, and explains that the technology can be used to hold off the effects of global warming permanently.  Ock claims that he just wants to be remembered for saving the world (er, and his gang gets two billion dollars each, naturally), but Spidey smells a rat and steps into a shiny new suit specifically designed for dealing with each of his greatest enemies to sort it all out.  

As public opinion actually sways in favour of Doc Ock’s scheme, Spidey’s popularity takes a dive, enough for him to be labelled a terrorist.  As Spidey fights his way through each of the six to get to Ock (including a VERY badass battle with Sandman in the Sahara) he eventually finds himself with an unlikely ally, and facing off against some very unlikely enemies!  There’s one issue to go, as well as something called Ends Of The Earth Special (meh) and a postscript part in Avenging Spider-Man #8 (meh, meh), but all in all this has been a stylish Spidey ride!  -Jem

Free Comic Book Day DC 52 Preview

Alright, free comic book day was a while ago, but I didn’t get to go because I was at work, and the only book I scored from it was this and a Vertigo preview, and I’ve only just read this, so here we go.  Followers of this blog from early on will know of my curiosity of the character named Pandora, and how the whole DC 52 reset seems to be her doing.  This book features an origin of sorts, but ends up asking more questions instead of providing answers.  Pandora is the one that opened the box in the old fable, and is armed with twin pistols that fire bright blue energy of some kind.  She can also seemingly teleport, and though I speculated that she could time travel it’s more likely that her appearances throughout the entire new 52 timeline are because of her immortality.  Cut to “the near future” as Batman fights what seems to be another Green Lantern.  For fucks sake, wasn’t the deal one per sector?  Our sector has fucking five or something!  It ends in the middle of the book with a huge foldout page showing Superman entering the battle and introduces DC’s event for next year, titled Trinity War.  Disappointingly, the rest of the book simply previews a couple of pages from each of the six books of the new wave. Just as I was getting into the opening story, I’m suddenly reminded of that fucking awful G.I. Combat thing, and I’m also left with the impression that Batman Incorporated might not be so great.  Average.  -Jem

Thanks again kids.

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