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Issue #11: Double burger!

Greetings!  As mentioned a couple of weeks back, Comic Burger is now a team of two.  We hope this will bring a bit more variety of opinion to the blog, and I promise Ty’s comic reading history far outweighs my own!  The cool thing about having Ty write reviews here is that while we each pick up a shitload of titles each month, we actually have very few of these titles in common, which allows a wider coverage.  No promises, but I’d like to get the blog back onto a more regular schedule, so we’ll likely be able to do that too.

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Okay, so I’ll hand the controls over to Ty to introduce himself and review a couple of comics, then I’ve got a few reviews too….

Hey there everyone! Welcome to my first reviews! Jem asked me to have a go so I'll give it my best. Like Jem, I got the entire lot of DC New 52 #1s. Unlike Jem, I couldn't help myself and got every #2 as well! Some hit, some miss. Some definitely gave me what I needed to drop it on the spot; some surprised me and will keep me around a little longer. We've divvied up our DC title choices so we're not buying the same ones and get to read each others when we hit All Star Comics together. I was primarily a Marvel reader, Avengers & X-Titles, with the odd independent that caught my interest. Before the New 52, my DC interest was just Red Robin and Batgirl (with my beloved Stephanie Brown); two titles I am still a little disappointed that didn't make the relaunch. Red Robin has landed in "Teen Titans", and "Batgirl" as a title lives on with Barbara Gordon once again walking and donning the cowl; so purely as a carry over, those two titles were in for me. So the OTHER 50? After watching a well put together "Blackest Night" trailer a while back on the Green Lantern: First Flight animated movie DVD, I was sucked in straight away. The concept sounded awesome, and a great way to bring dead characters back to life. Then the revelation that there were other coloured Lantern Corps as well?!? Don't ask me. It's gotta be something from my collector mind and childhood: "Multiple colours of the same thing?? AWESOME!!!" So at my comic dealer's suggestion, I am getting GL trades from "Rebirth" onwards, and am playing catch up to now. So the four Lantern titles are in for me on an issue by issue basis until I figure whether the concept I inexplicably love can be backed with quality production. All up, I'm sticking with nearly 18 (!!!) DC titles for the time being. Some I have already decided will remain on my pull-list long term, some I'm keeping around because I think they'll get better, and strangely, 1 or 2 I'm getting just a little while longer out of sheer morbid curiosity because they are that BAD!! (You fucking hear me Catwoman?!)

For this burger, I'm gonna talk about the four Green Lantern titles: Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Green Lantern: New Guardians, and Red Lanterns. Jem has already reviewed the #1's, and we're 50/50 with our feelings on these. Good or bad, I'm going to try and give these titles to #5 each to convince me to keep or not.

Green Lantern #2

I do agree with Jem that these titles seem to be in no way a reboot.  At the same time, I think enough will be told early on via exposition from the main characters that it won't matter. Sinestro, who's now green again not yellow, provides a tid bit here and there while speaking to Hal Jordan, makes him a Lantern again as for some reason he isn't, and does this by creating a ring for him! I have NO idea either what came before so am just going along for the ride. Sinestro is seemingly good again, killing Sinestro Corps/Yellow Lanterns & destroying their yellow power rings with aplomb and efficiency. I'm enjoying the art with the massive Sinestro Corps Yellow creature at the end being killed with a giant green sword!

Green Lantern Corps #2

I really enjoyed this issue. Dialogue was occasionally a little weak but I thought it good superhero/scifi fanfare. Corpses on a world with its entire ocean gone; some opposing force seemingly using the same green power based on Will as the GLs, with the potential for a literal "battle of willpower" story set up accordingly, and a very graphic scene with a Lantern being deprived of all his limbs, and his power ring put around his tongue! Definitely set up enough to keep me in for #3!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

Remember me talking about my inexplicable excitement over the multi-coloured Lantern thing? This comic embodies that concept!  Not much more is explained in issue 2 as to why all these power rings, one from each different coloured corps, are converging on Kyle. The last panel has him wearing them all and if I'm not mistaken, possibly turning in to what I think is a "White Lantern".  I know hardly enough of recent GL mythology to know what any of this means unfortunately, but I am left intrigued.  Perhaps in #3 I'll have more to go on.

Red Lanterns #2

Some nicely drawn panels of a cool looking space ship gunning down some innocent children on an alien world provides some explanation of Atrocitus and what his Red Lanterns are motivated by. Rage is the emotion the red coloured corps is powered by, but not just a simple "rage is bad" thing; more of a rage at injustice and providing the means to set things right. Still very early. My motivation for staying with this title to the aforementioned issue #5 is purely to see why out of all of the corps beside green, was this one deemed worthy enough of its own title. No appearance of the Red Lantern cat this issue which Jem hated and I loved! It was the flying cat in space with the power ring worn around its tail which tried to take on a ship full of vicious torturous bounty hunters that just had the most bizarre innocent appeal to me! To finish, I have to mention that Ed Benes pencils have been excellent and so far the stand out of the four Lantern titles.

Well, hope this all wasn't too bad for my first shot! Will touch on some more DC next time with my slice of the Bat Family cut with Jem which is: Batman & Robin; Batman Dark Knight; Batgirl; Nightwing and Red Hood & the Outlaws. and Catwoman.  Which I'll probably drop at issue #3 unless a miracle happens.  Thanks.

Fear Itself #7   Event books exist primarily as a sales booster and to introduce the reader to characters they may not have bothered with before, by crossing the story into as many ongoing titles as possible, and forcing the reader to (for example) start reading The Avengers if they want to follow the story of what happens to Spider-Man.  I admit this worked very well on me when Marvel released Civil War back in 2006.  Perhaps with the success of last year’s Siege event, Marvel feels they can keep doing annual events based on straight action stories alone, and while Fear Itself isn’t complete shit, it’s still a weaker event than most others.  The problem for me is there's a lot of fucking around until we actually get to this final issue, where they cram in quite a bit.  It seems this story could well have been a three or four issue mini-series, and done without the full-blown event hype.  Still, events in issue #7 fill in a couple of blanks before Incredible Hulk #1 which make it worthy enough for me.  Fear Itself might read better back to back in a collected edition but this series as a monthly has been a hard slog.  Oh, and the death of a certain character at the end?  Pointless.  With a certain movie coming out next year that “death” will last five fucking seconds.

Demon Knights #3   It was make or break for Demon Knights #3 after the second issue fell flat when I read it earlier this week, primarily because of the sheer amount of characters being introduced in a way that didn’t engage me at all, but I’m still on board while Jason and Xanadu’s story is holding my interest.  Xanadu’s casting of a magical shield over the village has left her weak and in the skin of an old woman, and Jason has been in demon form too long and has reverted back to human just as the shield is about to disappear while the Horde waits to slaughter them all. Then there’s the horrible death of the priest at Jason’s demon hand which may have further consequences.  This issue reaffirms the story does have somewhere to go without laying down a too-predictable path, and while I wait for more episodes of Game Of Thrones, this will fill the medieval fantasy void nicely.

Supergirl #3   Superman fills in the blanks for Kara about Krypton and it’s all a bit much for her to take.  As she speeds away there’s a great page that zooms in on her crying eyes while Superman exploits her super-hearing to warn her against ignoring his guidance.  Kara just wants to go home, but her search for the pod she arrived to Earth in leads her into the clutches of a nefarious self-confessed trillionaire.  My money’s on the likelihood of this twerp proving he’s bitten off more than he can chew though.  I like this book more and more, and as I mentally churn over which of the Superbooks is the best, I can’t help but seriously consider Supergirl for top spot for it’s quality straight-superhero story telling and infusion of a little more emotion than the others.  Love it.

Apologies for the format this week.  Having some cut and paste issues I couldn't fix, but should be back to normal after this.

Thanks kids.  More soon.

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