Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Issue 8: Allstarsuperbatburger!

Hello folks!  Been away from the Burger for a couple of weeks, with a busy work schedule and my new podcast eating up a lot of my time.  Our podcast is called Red Barrel Radio, dedicated to video games, and while it’s not on iTunes yet it will be soon.  For now, join our Facebook group - - it’s the quickest way to access the show.

I heard last week that next year will see Oz Comic-Con hit Adelaide on 31st March to 1st April, than later swing over to my dimension in Melbourne on 30th June to 1st of July.  More exciting is that I may actually get to shake a hand I’ve long wanted to – Mr Stan Lee will be in attendance among other guests I’m told…. But dude!  Fucken Stan Lee!  Should be fun, and perhaps an excuse to dress up as the Black Panther OUTside the house….. Take a squiz here:

Comic Burger is on Facebook!  Yep, in a stunning explosion of originality, you can get your Burger as it happens on your news feed or wall.  I’m having trouble getting a FB button embedded here, so for now just go to and like the hell out of it.  Way more people read this blog than five (I can see this elsewhere), but I’ll still feel a little fuzzier and warmer.  So go on.  I’ll consider it an early Christmas present.

Dripfeeding my usual comics feast has meant I have a huge backlog to get through to get back up to date, but I managed to get some more DC stuff, including my much awaited next issue of All Star Western, and all the Super titles follow ups too.  Read on.

All Star Western #2   This issue seems more in tune with what you would expect from a comic called All Star Western, as Jonah Hex gets trigger happy while my favoured character Amadeus Arkham takes an unwanted back seat.  There’s far more exposition on our shadowy organisation of Gotham City’s elite that unfortunately dilutes the mystery angle I thought they might be going for.  Still, the book cliffhangs with our odd couple up to their necks in the shit, and that’s enough for me to stick with it.  Not up to the standard of it’s maiden voyage, but All Star Western is a title I’ll be picking up for the time being.

Batman #2   Drooooollllllllll………. Greg Capullo, you draw a damn fine comic.  Greg’s signature style marries with Batman so perfectly and you don’t have to look past the front cover to see why: the sharp edges of the cape, the narrow, angry slitted eyes that shine from the shadowy mask, the gritted teeth, and all in the middle of a blockbuster third act scene…. Who wouldn’t pick this book up?  Inside some new holographic tech is revealed that allows Batman to practically perform an autopsy from miles away, and Nightwing makes an appearance too, but why explain more?  If you like comics and respect yourself, you’ve already read it, haven’t you?

Supergirl #2   The re-origin story of Kara Zor-El continues.  As Superman investigates her arrival, things escalate as her powers quickly manifest, including a great scene where, unfamiliar with her x-ray vision abilities, she freaks out at being able to see through her own hand. And then there’s the weird guy that has turned up wearing her family crest!  Cue super powered punch-ons, and the accidental near-destruction of one of the wonders of the world.  This isn’t everyone’s cuppa, but I’m digging it.  And I think Supergirl’s new costume is great.
Superman #2   The seemingly random fire monster fight from issue #1 is revealed to be part of a bigger arc here, when Superman discovered a mysterious link between the creature and a new menace he faces in the form of a super strong alien that is invisible to Superman, but perfectly visible to everyone else.  More clever references to modern media give the story some chops, and it’s nice to see the new issue/new fight method may be actually leading into a more substantial story arc.  This comic is a bit of a looker too, and I loved the subtle pineapple logo on the back of one guy’s phone.  I probably would’ve collected it anyway, but the new Supes is pretty sweet.

Superboy #2  The clone of Superman seems to be at odds with himself.  On one hand he’s pissed off at being a lab experiment and the fact that only one person considers him a person at all.  But there are hints of a moral centre too, and I hope this inner battle is explored in future issues, because it’s the most interesting point of the story.  That, and the fact that Superboy is telekinetic, a power the source of his DNA lacks.  Writer Scott Lobdell seems to be enjoying playing with Superboy’s telekinesis so far, and it works for me too.  Superboy is playing along with his masters for now, but you just know it’s not long before he turns them all inside out with his mind.  Bring it.

Thanks kids.  I’ll emerge again soon with some more reviews.

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