Monday, 21 November 2011

Issue #9: Batdevil

A flood of awesome video games have kept me from the usual massive digestion of comic booky goodness this month, but soon Comic Burger will be dishing out double the discerning criticism when we double the writing staff next issue.  That's right kids, Comic Burger is set to become a dynamic duo!  I'll save the introductions for the next issue, but for now I simply present two reviews of titles I particularly enjoyed from my last haul.

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Batwoman #2 and #3   Glad to see the visual style and creative panel work represented consistently in Batwoman.  Again, when things get ghostly, the art becomes surreal and conveys a dreamlike tone.  This is a masterstroke, as the art helps convey a part of the story that the text cannot.  This is a beautiful book, cramming in action, mystery, horror, intrigue and relationship issues with ease, while also perhaps setting up future narratives in Batwoman’s decision to join Batman Inc.  Batwoman is a true standout in the 52 and deserves your attention.

Daredevil #5   Daredevil’s been through more shit in the last ten or so years than any character I could name.  His arch-nemesis Bullseye marked anyone Daredevil loved for death.  His secret identity was revealed and the press harassed him wherever he went.  Then he went off the rails and became the brief leader of The Hand.  Right now though, Daredevil is going through a redemption, almost a throwback to the classic days of the character, and it seems to be a pretty popular turn.  I love this, I have friends that love this (one going so far as to say this is the best title he has ever read), and the online buzz seems to be quite positive too.  In fact that’s really the operative word, “positive”.  For a character that has had so much horrible shit in his life, Matt Murdock is just getting back to doing what he does best: finding out what crooks are up to in his town and beating the Christ out of them.  There’s even a scaling back of the art style to a more traditional classic comic, and it works so well!  Don’t worry if you’ve missed Daredevil so far, you could jump on with this issue and be just fine.  If you like it though, back track and get the other four (especially the great #1), because it’s all just as good.

Thanks kids.  I don't want to jinx myself but Comic Burger #10 should be a bumper issue!  'Til then!

- Jem

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