Saturday, 22 October 2011

Issue #7: Ordering the burger nobody ever orders.

Hey all!  The pile of comics I have waiting to be read is almost scary, with my weekly pull list exceeding what I’ve been able to keep up with.  I’m still reading the third volume of the Bendis/Maleev Daredevil run, but I’m taking a break to read and review some DC number twos.  I’m not reviewing everything I’m reading or I’ll never get through it, but aside from those below I’ll give a quick mention to two other titles, simply because my opinion seems to differ with most critics. 

Firstly, there’s many putting the boots into Hawk & Dove, almost to a point where it’s considered the 52’s arsehole.  I just don’t think it’s that bad.  Maybe I like Liefeld’s art more than most.  Maybe I’m just not that jaded.  Yeah, Hawk’s a jerk, but it’s kinda funny.  Someone must be reading it, yeah?  Well it turns out that someone is me.  I’m a sucker for an underdog, so I’ll keep getting it for now.

Then there’s Action Comics.  The only opinion I’ve really encountered on this one is from Noncanonical, and they love it.  But I just can’t cop a Superman that threatens to break necks.  Superman’s absolute incorruptibility is his most enduring trait.  Superman is what all of humanity should aspire to be.  Take that away, and he’s just another powered up me or you, endlessly repeated in a thousand titles from any publisher on the racks.  This Superman is a prick, and it’s a wall I can’t get over to accept anything else Action may be offering.
I suppose there had to be one of these that everyone hated and I liked, and another everyone liked that I hated.  At least it spices up the blog a bit, eh?
I read some good stuff tonight, so on with the sharing of goodness…

Batwing #2   I’m proud to report that Batwing continues to impress me with it’s second offering, and looks to be a title I’ll stick with for a while.  The hardcore violence continues courtesy of machete swinging freak Massacre, while Batwing hits Bat-beats by ignoring physical recuperation to kick bad guy butt.  I’d like to see Batwing’s character and personal motivations fleshed out in future issues but for now this is pure adult superheroey goodness.  Love this art style, and love the blank canvas that “Africa’s Batman” can offer.  If you haven’t had a peek at Batwing yet it’s well worth a look.

O.M.A.C. #2   There’s an old school charm about O.M.A.C. that I can’t help but like.  Not that it looks like an old comic, but there’s these wonderful tinges of the golden age in some of the artwork, and some pages are divided simply into six square panels.  Add to this the subtle nods to 1960s Hulk and it seems I’m on to a little winner.  If that’s not enough, there’s a few touches of The X-Files to suck you in: a huge shadowy organisation, a self aware satellite using O.M.A.C. as it’s own personal errand boy, paranoia soaked messages from the satellite on random electronic screens, and genetic experimentation.  I had a feeling I should give this one a chance, and there’s really nothing in the new DC stable like it.

Swamp Thing #2   There’s a lot to like about Swamp Thing.  The shock horror angle will appeal to many.  The natural/psychedelic art and panel style will sway others.  But the strength of this book is the writing.  Scott Snyder understands how to make a reader want more, by filling the story with questions, and combining the explanations that are provided with ambiguity.  This reminded me of early Spawn where each revelation merely led to another layer of mystery.  The cover is beautiful too, echoing everything I liked about the front of the first issue, and I hope the theme continues.  I’d like to see Swamp Thing have a long run, because it’s going to be worth it.

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