Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Issue 3.1: Another late night drive-thru mission.

Phew, just got to the end of my reviews on the eve of DC’s final week of 52 number ones.  Hopefully I can pick up the last bag on Thursday morning and get back here a little more quickly.  There were diamonds and turds tonight, read on and obey the warning signs!

Green Lantern Corps #1   Unless you are turned on by the colour green chances are you’ll drop this as quickly as I did.  There’s not much to get excited about when third tier characters that are spun off from a second tier character get their own book, especially when the half baked sci-fi story and uninspiring artwork are all there is to hold it together.  This is for Green Lantern fans that need another title to satiate their jade-coloured lust more than once a month, and that’s cool in theory, it’s just a shame the creators didn’t put more effort in for those poor folks.

Legion Of Super-heroes #1   Does anyone know what’s happening on Neighbours lately?  Because it seriously must be more fucking interesting than this.  A few pages in this comic reveals it’s links to Legion Lost, and something becomes clear: this comic is equally horrible.  This book has no flow, is unbelievably confusing, and introduces fifteen billion characters, all of whom do nothing.  I need more swear words than exist in the English language to express my regret at having read this comic, because “fuck-cuntingly shithouse” doesn’t seem harsh enough.  Hopefully you took one look at the cover of this abortion and dismissed it immediately.  Any rational human being would have.  Because it is also crap.  Look at it.  Fuck.

Nightwing #1   Having just read a trade that featured Dick Grayson filling in as Batman, it was refreshing to have a little more background than usual as the opening pages of Nightwing monologue about Dick’s year in the big guys shoes.  Writer Kyle Higgins is also working on Deathstroke, but Nightwing  gives him much more to work with it’s clearly a better book for it.  This story is about someone returning to their roots after learning lessons, and the writing’s great.  It also works well as an entry point, like it should.  The nameless villain is an excuse for the action that closes the book, but even if he’d never turned up, this book has depth and charm that guarantees purchases of future issues.

Red Hood And The Outlaws #1   As the debate about this issue was well covered in last night’s post, I’ll try to ignore the content in Red Hood designed to turn on teenage boys and get to the other things that gave me the shits about it.  Well, just one other thing actually, and that’s the fact I don’t buy Red Hood’s character as anything else but a borderline psycho.  Come on, relaxing on beaches and apologising to the dead?  No way, this guy doesn’t work like that.  I do like the pencilling in this comic quite a lot, but that is the only thing redeeming this otherwise pointless (and to many, offensive) exercise.  No wonder they feel like they have to fill it with innuendo and tits.

Supergirl #1   Nice to see Supergirl get the pure reboot I was expecting across the board from the 52.  While not too much happens in this single issue apart from Kara’s arrival and a prompt fight (followed by a less than surprising cameo), there’s something about this comic that makes me want to collect it.  Perhaps it is the fresh start, or my on again, off again love affair with beings from Krypton.  Perhaps it’s Supergirl’s awesome new costume (my favourite of all the redesigns).  I was left hanging by the end, like I’d only read half an issue, but without any negative association.  I just want to see where it leads.  More!

Wonder Woman #1   I guess I wasn’t sure what to expect from Wonder Woman, though the cover alluded to warrior stuff.  What’s inside though is much better!  Mythology, monsters and violence!  How fitting that after blogging about a week of DC releases mired in accusations of sexism, I can end on a note of just how a powerful woman should be portrayed in comics.  Diana is big, strong, skilled and fearless.  And while there is sort of a nude scene, it’s hardly gratuitous, because it’s well handed enough not to be the focus of proceedings.  I’ve never read Wonder Woman before.  Have you?  If you’d like to, start with this issue this week.

Thanks for reading, kids.  We're almost through the whole 52.  Looking forward to Superman #1 and Dark Knight #1 from the next bag.  Not long now.

- Jem

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