Monday, 19 September 2011

Issue 2.1: DC 52 week 3 reviews continued.

Hey there!  Not a bad days worth of entertainment while off work, juggling all this week's DC reading with the viewing of the Star Wars 9 disc blu ray box set (just two episodes in so far).  Tonight it's the midnight launch for Gears Of War 3.  Sleep is for pussies when you're a nerd....

Resurrection Man #1   While reading this I couldn’t help but picture it as a storyboard for a television show, and while Resurrection Man isn’t too bad as a comic I feel as a TV show it would have engaged me more.  The possibilities are pretty limitless:  Mitch wakes up after dying with a different power each time, and a different personal mission, all the while being hunted by what appears to be the forces of heaven and hell.  Being a long time fan of Spawn and it’s themes of angels and demons in different guises and with different agendas, to me Resurrection Man actually comes off a little second rate in this department.  Some people will dig this and it does have a fair bit going for it, but I’ll give it a miss.

Red Lanterns #1   Argghhh!  I thought these were easy jump on points for new readers!!!!!  What the fuck is Red Lanterns about?  Do I even fucking care?  No I fucking don’t!!!!  The only thing about Red Lanterns is that it features the third appearance I’ve noticed of a mysterious hooded figure in the background on one panel.  This figure also appears in Frankenstein Agent Of SHADE and another title I can’t recall.  Obviously this will be significant in the future, but if it’s an important part of Red Lanterns I’ll never know because this is the last fucking issue I will ever read.  Fuck you Red Lanterns and your fucking stupid cat.

Mister Terrific #1   Not a bad read, this one.  And almost purely on the strength of it’s as-yet-unseen villain.  Michael Holt is Mister Terrific, scientist, rich guy, superhero, a combination of Tony Stark and Reed Richards who’ll remind you he’s black just in case you prefer to have your comics read to you.  The explanations of the science don’t babble on like the garbage in Static Shock and don’t delve too deep yet, instead getting on with the story.  The real highlight is how sudden knowledge gifted to an average person results in him spouting offensive truths and dishing out violence.  Or is it possession?  This mystery is enough to coax me into issue two.  I read this while listening to Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack which seemed a fitting accompaniment.  Try it!

Legion Lost #1   I challenge anyone in the world to give two shits about Legion Lost.  There’s more uninteresting technobabble than Static Shock, and it’s so boring and terribly written I’m seriously thinking of building a fuck machine that can hold Fabian Nicieza and Pete Woods against their will and rape them constantly for months, in one of those dank basements, like in Seven or Hostel.  My biggest comics no-no, teams that “introduce” characters through dialogue (“Don’t touch that machine SHITSTAR”, “Don’t worry BUMFIRE, I can handle it”, etc), is exploited throughout.  The story is shit, the characters are shit, and not only will I ignore this title from now on, I may actually hunt for a way to make our sun go nova simply to guarantee a halt to it’s production.  The really painful part is that somewhere there’s a writer/artist team with a really original and amazing idea that deserves a shot like this, an opportunity wasted on these two fuckwits.  The worst one of the bunch by a fucking light year.

Grifter #1   A part of DC’s integration of characters from Jim Lee’s Wildstorm universe, Grifter gets his own title in the 52.  Like my take on Resurrection Man, I couldn’t help but see a TV show in this (or maybe the airport/aeroplane setting just makes me think of the word “pilot”) but unlike RM I was much more engaged.  This played out like a science fiction thriller, an interesting slice of modern pulp, the only regret being there’s a bit more introduction to go than what fits into one issue.  Our mysterious hooded figure pops up again too, suspended mid air in the background of one panel.  I’m keen to go a little deeper into this one.

Batwoman #1   Oh wow, this is a great comic.  Beautiful art, with standard style square panels for the straight conversational stuff, and psychedelic and surreal panels to match the supernatural, mysterious sections of the plot.  Batwoman also plays on the subtle sexual side of superheroes by showing her changing in and out of costume.  There’s nothing to criticise about Batwoman.  This is quality stuff, and if you’re planning on collecting a couple of Bat titles from the new batch this should be one of them.

Batman And Robin #1   Again, my background in these characters is a little sketchy, but there seems to be no continuity reset here either.  No complaints though, because Bruce Wayne’s rebellious and violent son Damian taking the mantle of Robin makes for great reading.  Bruce’s frustration at the difficulty of attempting to guide a student who refuses to be led is front and centre, while another mysterious villain is set up in the shadows.  I feel like this will be Damian’s book, and the future of this boy really could go either way.  Should be a good ride.

Looking forward to next week's batch, which includes my number one favourite artist Greg Capullo drawing Batman #1!  A fucking fan boy's dream!!!!!

- Jem

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