Saturday, 17 September 2011

Issue #1.2: Incredible Hulks #635

There's comics I've been collecting longer, and there's stuff I loved as a kid, but if I was forced to subtract from all the titles I collect until there was just one, just a single title I could have each month, it would have to be Incredible Hulk(s).  For this, I give massive credit to writer Greg Pak, who began by banishing Hulk to a distant planet, redeveloped him into a hero, broke him down again, and again, and explored the Hulk's rage as a source of power and fleshed it out so extremely, there will never be any doubt again who the toughest bastard in the Marvel universe is and always will be.

Grek Pak's run was massive, five and a half years, a luxury any comic writer would relish.  Sadly, issue #635 sees Pak's run on Incredible Hulk finally come to an end.  I just finished reading this one, part six of the Heart Of The Monster arc, and I loved how much crazy shit this guy crams in before walking out the door.  There's so much fighting, magic, and bright colours everywhere it's surreal.  They even squeeze in Dr. Strange and a gamma irradiated Fin Fang Foom that spits gamma missiles just because they fucking well can!

For those looking to check some of this stuff out my highest recommendations are for the two big event books:  Planet Hulk sets the story up for absolutely everything that follows and is essential for access to the rest of Pak's work on Hulk, while World War Hulk is easily one of the greatest action comic books I've ever read.  Both of these are widely available in collected editions.

Writer Jason Aaron and artist Marc Silvestri pick up the reigns next month to begin a new volume.  Incredible Hulk #1 will be reviewed here soon.

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