Monday, 12 September 2011

Issue #1: The First Burger

After fighting for an hour to get a layout I liked (it still looks wonky) I have my first fistful of reviews of DC's number 1s.  I will get around to giving this treatment to the entire 52 issues, then continue onto the second issues I think are worth going on with.  I will make every effort to keep spoilers to a minimum.

With this initial review period being so DC heavy and my DC knowledge being what it is, I'll admit I'm feeling around in the dark a little.  I'll be a little more confident when I get to some Marvel stuff in a future issue.

These reviews are published in the same order I read them.

Justice League #1   This one's been a topic of every comic blog on the planet, being the first of the 52 out of the stable.  Justice League always seemed a little bit camp and silly to me, so this entry point was refreshing.  Kicking off with a Batman chase scene and an awesome splash page on pages 2 and 3, this title is up first for a reason: it's pretty badass.  This issue features half of the seven team members (that's 3.5?  It'll make more sense once you've read it) and does what any good issue #1 should: intrigue you enough to give the next few issues a go.  Jim Lee's pencils lay a perfect foundation for the visuals, and everything looks sweet.  If you're curious about any of what DC is up to, Justice League is your first port of call.

Batwing #1   Batwing is the Batman of Africa.  Is your world set ablaze yet?  Neither was mine, until morbid curiosity gave way to pleasant surprise.  This is so nice to look at, with visuals in a painted style that reminded me a little of Iron Man Extremis, and in what must be a world first, actually trounce the quality of the front cover!  It's also pretty fucking violent.  If you thought Gotham was a lawless city, it's a wonderland compared to the shit that's going down in Tinasha.  The bodies are literally piling up, and Batwing who's real identity is police officer David Zavimbe is at the beginning of a mess that's looks to be an intriguing and gory read.  Batwing is a quality title.  I think I'll follow this for a while.

Animal Man #1   This title came highly recommended, but my initial thoughts were the art style looked rushed and the colour palette was quite bland.  Still, the family angle is one seldom explored like this and the plot dives into some spooky territory!  A nightmare sequence is unnerving and appropriately surreal.  One to watch for now.

Action Comics #1   This is a little confusing.  Superman gets around in a jeans and t-shirt ensemble, which seems to conflict with the new costume seen in Justice League and the upcoming Superman #1.  He also is much less the boy scout we know and love, and is.... um.... a bit of a bullyboy prick.  My DC noobness may be coming to the fore here, but maybe Action Comics is a vehicle for experimentation.  What I like about Superman is his absolute incorruptibility, a hero for all time, exactly what our world needs and has always needed.  Still, I enjoyed it.  Maybe they're going somewhere with it.  I'll give #2 a crack.

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