Sunday, 11 September 2011

Issue #0: The Comic Burger cometh!

Hello and welcome to Comic Burger!  A place where one person's opinion is likely to differ slightly to your own!

I plan initially to use this space for comic book reviews and general critique of associated media like films and video games and hopefully drum up a little friendly opinionated discussion.  We'll see how it goes.  I'll be starting off with short reviews of every single issue of DC's 52!  I'm particularly excited about these titles, and their release partly inspired Comic Burger's inception.  I'm also really more of a Marvel guy, having found DC hard to jump on to in the past.  I've been collecting Superman for a year and enjoy the odd Batman trade paperback, but The Flash began for me with Flashpoint, and the Green Lantern... um..... Ryan Reynolds, right?

So DC's relaunch really is aimed at people like me.  I am the precise market they are aiming for this year, and I am diving in head first.  The plan is to pick maybe five titles out of the 52 and stick with them, which may mean sticking with quite a few of them until they lose their spark.  This blog should help the process, not just for me, but hopefully you too!

For those confused about what a 52 is, DC Comics have basically scrapped all their titles and started fresh with another 52 titles, each beginning again at issue #1.  Ever wanted to own Batman #1, or Action Comics #1?  Go buy it now.  Your grand kids won't know the difference.

So, "Comic Burger", eh?  The name really stems from a concept of variety.  No two comic collections are the same.  My best friend and I on the surface have identical tastes, however how we like our comics varies massively.  Like a burger (and I'm a vegetarian.  If you fuck up* a vegie burger, dude, it's bad).  Get it?  No?  Well I needed a catchy name in a hurry and that's it.  Fries, sir?

Okay, I've got some reading to do before reviewing.  Thanks for checking this out.
- Jem

* yes I swear a bit.

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